April 27th, 2020

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

TrustBIX Inc. (“TrustBIX”) (TSX-V:TBIX), through its subsidiary, and Provision Analytics Inc. (“Provision Analytics”) signed a Channel Partner Agreement on April 23, 2020 in which TrustBIX will market and sell licenses to Provision Analytics’ proprietary Basecase software (“Basecase”).

Basecase is a digital platform for COVID-19 tracking and reporting. It allows companies with job sites that require high employee densities to capture important information about employees’ health before they enter the workplace.  Basecase has a number of reporting features that are important to corporate Occupational, Health & Safety programs.  The software enables companies to review employee symptoms and exposure for COVID-19, sort staff between safety categories, and review trendlines and case lists by location.  It has been designed for ease of use from a desktop or mobile device, and is licensed based on the headcount at a given workplace.

“TrustBIX has deep relationships in the agri-food industry with companies with large headcount and who are essential to the integrity of our food production systems,” said Hubert Lau, CEO of TrustBIX.  “We see an urgent and pervasive need to address employee safety concerns, and to ensure food production continues.  By offering Basecase as a solution to our customers, TrustBIX continues to be seen as a trusted, neutral third-party solution provider.”

This Agreement is a natural extension of TrustBIX’s core business of building solutions that create sustainable agri-food supply chains.  TrustBIX’s software platform, BIX, addresses agri-food sourcing from primary producers and provides chain of custody, while Basecase addresses and protects employees in the downstream processing businesses. 

Erik Westblom, CEO of Provision Analytics, says, “The outbreak of COVID-19 has reinforced the need for technology advances in the food industry.” Adding, “Our software is built to enable early detection of employee health risks, which enables facilities to stay open and safe. We unlock traceability to show the equipment, people, and products an employee has contacted. This is a critical step to ensure the security of our food supply in Canada.”

This Agreement follows an announcement last November 2019 in which TrustBIX invested in an early-stage financing round with Provision Analytics.

This is a two-year renewable Agreement with no specified sales minimums at this time.  TrustBIX may pursue sales in companies that handle food for human consumption, with no geographical limit.  TrustBIX will bill customers and pay 70% of the bank-cleared sales proceeds to Provision Analytics.

About TrustBIX

As an innovative leader, TrustBIX provides agri-food traceability. By addressing consumer and agri-food business demands, the Company has a goal to become the most trusted and largest source of third-party food traceability and sustainability information globally – Gate to Plate®.  TrustBIX Inc.’s focus is to create a world where we trust more, waste less and reward sustainable behaviour.  The Company’s proprietary platform, BIX (Business infoXchange System), is designed to create trust without compromising privacy through innovative use of data and technology.  Extensive R&D has allowed TrustBIX to create a new blockchain-derived technology to complement its mature and proven traceability systems.  By leveraging BIX and its unique use of incentive solutions, the Company can deliver independent validation of food provenance and sustainable production practices within the supply chain.  ViewTrak Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, provides a suite of hardware and software solutions to the livestock industry in Canada, United States, Mexico and China, such as Auction Master Pro, Market Master, Feedlot Solutions and pork grading probes.  For more information, visit , or follow us on Twitter @BIXSCdn and Facebook at

About Provision Analytics

Provision Analytics helps farms, processors, and manufacturers reduce food loss through an integrated food safety and traceability software. The software limits human time and error with automated forms for inspections and logs. Provision processes form submissions through a graph database founded on the technology of Google Search, generating advanced reporting. Its visual traceability allows food companies to track people, forms, equipment, and products through multi-stage processes, plummeting the scope and cost of recalls while protecting consumers from flawed food.  The company is based in Calgary, Alberta, led by an executive team of Erik Westblom, Kevin Davies, and Chris Elias. For more information, visit or


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